CHS: Laptop Discipline Policy

CHS: Laptop Discipline Policy

The majority of computer use needs to be for pursuing educational needs. Outside of this, students need to respect district Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) . These policies apply to any devices student use on campus, including but not limited to Laptops, Cell Phones, iPods/iPads, and eReaders.

The following uses are prohibited at all times at school:

  • Using a proxy to access any prohibited site
  • Use of Facebook / Social Media sites that are not directly assigned by staff
  • Blocked music or video streaming sites
  • Downloading copyrighted material including games, music and video files
  • Viewing pornographic material
  • Bypassing security measures to play games or alter content on the machines
  • Repeated violations of the Acceptable Use Policy

List of Consequences

First level: Request/Warning

The staff member reminds the student of the rule, and asks them to comply immediately.

Second level: Restriction of computer/web access

Use of the computer or Internet is limited to ECHO/Google Docs for the remainder of the period.Parents contacted and notified of the nature of the offense.

Third level: Account is limited

The account is only given limited hours of access for 2 to 5 days, depending on the severity of the offense.Parents contacted and notified of the nature of the offense.

Fourth level: Administrative action

Student meets with the appropriate administrator. These are the possible consequences:

  • Account is disabled for a minimum of 5 days (up to a year)
  • Student is suspended and/or must complete Saturday School/Community Service/other to be determined by administrator
  • Laptop may be revoked for a period of time to be determined by the administrator (up to a year)
  • Administrators may refer the case to the appropriate authorities

*Some violations of the above prohibited uses may require unique and immediate interventions from administrators or other personnel and may result in severe consequences.